LTP - Grimex 1ltr

LTP Grimex is a powerful grime remover for interior & exterior use.

Suitable for travertine, limestone, sandstone, slate, marble, porcelain, granite, terracotta, quarry tiles, brick & external paving.

Effective at removing oil, grease, ingrained dirt grime and old wax layers.

Previously sealed surfaces should be re-sealed following use of this product. Surface should be firstly rinsed with clean water and allowed to thoroughly dry before application of re-seal.

Product should be tested in an inconspicuous area before general application and should not be used as an everyday cleaner.

Coverage: per 1 x 1ltr container

Mild cases - approximately 50m2
More severe cases - approximately 20m2
Extremely severe cases - approximately 5-10m2

Unit Weight: 1Kgs each
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Stock Availability: 18
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